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Smart Cities

Smart Cities are no longer a concept, it's a global movement, and for good reasons. Cities around the world are deploying various smart technology solutions to create their versions of Smart City, depending on their needs.

There are common goals that most of the cities are trying to achieve, these are to:

  • increase operational efficiency
  • share information with the public and encourage citizen participation
  • improve the quality of government services
  • improve the quality of citizens welfare
  • create a sustainable environment

These goals are intended to help cities meet their economic, social and environment objectives.

While these goals are common to Australian cities in the metropolitan areas, regional communities face a very different set of challenges, and they look to Smart Cities as a way to tacke these challenges, such as creating an economic environment to attract employment and to build a thriving community.

The (Australian) Federal Government allocated Smart Cities grant in 2017 to help cities and councils implement their Smart City projects, and the Smart Cities Grant program is likely to continue in 2018.

Planning Your Smart City Projects?

Smart Cities program can introduce whole new aspects technologies and operations that city councils are not quite familiar with. For instance, Smart City projects can mean deploying a number of different technology solutions, introduce new stakeholders, new operations model, and also require a whole lot of new capabilities as well as a city's operational readiness for new solutions. This means it is absolutely critical to ensure that Smart City projects do not end up creating solution silos, which would defeat the very purpose of a Smart City.

InFyra consultants are independent, and we provide unbiased, vendor-neutral advisory services to help you advance your Smart City program, in your best interest. We have the knowledge, skills and the methodology to

  • help you master Smart City concept, enabling technologies, and operational models
  • help articulate your city's vision and goals of a Smart City
  • prepare a Smart City Framework that enables your city to plan for different projects
  • prepare Smart City Grant Application

Call us to discuss your Smart Cities needs.

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