Internet of Things

Smart City

The internet of things is not so much about technologies per se, it is the next industrial revolution that will transform many industries, bring about social changes, improve productivity, and enabling factory and industry automation.

At present, the internet of things is evolving in just about every industry sector, from Transportation to Agriculture, from Healthcare to Manufacturing, from Smart Homes to Smart Cities. These are just some examples.

It is not difficult to see the benefits that the IoT can bring to every players in the IoT ecosystem, from suppliers to users.

Whether your company are implementing IoT solutions at the present, or have just decided to embark on an IoT journey, there are still lots of challenges to face, and lots of questions to ask. Questions like

  • What does my IoT revenue model look like?
  • What are the IoT growths in different industry sectors?
  • Where does my company fit in the IoT value chain?
  • What IoT products or services does my company offer?
  • What will my Go-to-Market strategy be?
  • What will my business model look like?
  • Which IoT ecosystem partners should my company partner with?

Infyra provides the following services that will help your company prepare for IoT. We offer the following advisory services

  • IoT Strategy and Market Analysis
  • Business Case Development
  • Value Chain and Organizational Capability Analysis
  • IoT Ecosystem Partnership advisory


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